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Understanding your pathway through the Pre-College DA

No two student athletes are alike either in the classroom or on the field. So we should not treat them as such. The Pre-College DA gives you an additional platform to develop in the classroom and on the pitch over an extended period of time. Essentially, putting you in the shop window globally for schools and scouts looking to 'uncover the undiscovered.'

Over the course of the year, all athletes will work towards their predefined goals. Whether they are seeking a professional contract, a scholarship in the USA or a place in one of our European Academy teams. You have the opportunity to play in a continuous 10 month season with us in a variety of environments including against professional opponents.

The Pre-College Development Academy is a program designed to support aspiring student athletes in their quest to play at the next level. We understand you want to get to the top of the mountain quickly, but remember it takes time to climb it. If you commit to bettering yourself, the guarantee of playing at the next level is almost 100%.

The pathway after this academy is simple. You will have the opportunity to continue your career either in the United States or Europe like some of our past alumni.

If you check one, or all of the following bullet points, you are a candidate for the Pre-College DA and should submit an application.

  • Do you need more academic support to prepare for college such as a better GPA, better ACT/SAT score, AP classes?

  • Are you unsure of what degree you want to major in and not want to waste time in college taking irrelevant classes?

  • Do you need more time to develop technically or tactically to compete at the next level?

  • Do you need more time to develop physically or psychologically?

  • Will you be a young Freshman in college or need more time to become more socially responsible?

  • Are you not being recruited but want to continue playing at the next level?



Arrival into the academy

Semester 1

All students will arrive the 2nd Sunday in August and stay through the 2nd Friday in December

Semester 2

All students are expected back 2nd Monday in January and will depart after the memorial day weekend soccer tournament

Throughout the course of a week, a student athlete can expect to have the following:

  • 8 field training sessions - 5 morning (technical) and 3 afternoon (tactical)

  • 5 Strength and Conditioning sessions - 3 independent and 2 staff directed

  • A minimum of 5 classes or as much as 10 classes per week with ACT and SAT prep classes, English as a 2nd Language  instruction, and or precollege college classes for those needing it.

Game days will likely change throughout the course of the year. Weekly schedule will adjust based on game days.


Pre-College DA

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