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Hello and welcome to our Path2Pro tour application. Our Path2Pro tour is a very well thought out tour that puts you directly in front of professional coaches in actual matches against pro teams.  This summers Path2Pro team will take on HB Koge (Champions of Denmark), FC Bayern (Champions of Germany), and Brondby IF(Currently in 3rd in Danish league, and winner of 12 league championships, and 11 national cups in the last 20 years.) Beyond the games we play, our network of women's clubs is vast. From those mentioned to; Inter Milan, Aland United, SGS Essen, FC Zurich. The games are all filmed and this film is very valuable because it helps convince clubs that you were not just a good college player, but you have the ability to compete at a professional level. 


Training Camp for the Tour will begin June16th and last 4 weeks until we leave for Denmark July 15th, Training Camp will be in Austin, Texas 


Training camp will consist of 3-5 training days per week with 3-4 exhibition games before we leave.


Room & Board


  • Players needing housing will be provided housing at a cost for the 4 weeks 

  • Players cover their own meals.




  • The cost to reserve your ticket for the current price of the month is $150(non-refundable deposit), and must be submitted by March 31, 2022

  • The cost of the ticket changes each month, for the month of March it is $900 Round Trip. all taxes included compared to

  • We will Fly from Austin, TX to Copenhagen, Denmark with a connection at JFK in New York.


We arrive and our schedule looks like:


July 16-18th training

July 19 2022, Game vs HB Koge

July 20-22 Training

July 23 Depart for Munich by train arrive by 6pm

July 24 2022, Game VS FC Bayern Munich 11am

July 25 Depart for Copenhagen arrive by 6pm

July 26-27 Training

July 28, Game vs Brondby

July 29 pack/free day

July 30 return to Austin Leave 930am. Connection at Amsterdam arrive in Austin by 6pm


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