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European Tour 2022: Mission completed

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

July 19, 2022 the club left on its first trip to Europe since covid began as part of its commitment to provide professional opportunities to players.

Bat Country FC was formed as a professional development program. Last summer we began the long process of planning a tour which was due to included games with FC Bayern Munich, Brondby, and HB Koge. In the end due to several changes we played FC Bayern Munich as a club, and had players training and trying-out at SGS Essen in Germany, Standard Liege in Belgium, and AaB in Denmark.

(Kick off vs FC Bayern Munich)

For the players it was a good benchmark on what is required to make it to the next level. and for the club it was a great opportunity to continue to move forward in the eyes of women in Central Texas and around the world as a club that is making help provide opportunities for tryouts with professional clubs at the very top level.

This coming season the club will be building off of this summer's experience and preparing for our next trip to Europe in January 2023 before preparing for the season in the #WPSL.

(Training at Standard Liege)

Next year brings new challenges, as we move players on to professional clubs. The need to bring in players who have the same desire and ability to to compete at the top level is coach Tristan's top priority over the next 7 Months. The club will also be starting a U21 team to ensure all players get adequate game minutes to continue their development.

For players interested in trying out please contact head coach Tristan Long at for more information or visit us on Instagram @batco_fc

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