Inaugural Season Review

Updated: Jul 13

Now that they are Finally past the first real season, FC BatCo has continued to add quality to the club. We finally caught up to Coach Tristan before he heads to Denmark, to get his thoughts on the season and where the club goes after this.

"Well less than 24 hours after the last game I was out scouting and recruiting for 2022 and we've secured 2 players so far and have a few more lined up for phone calls this week. The season, this was a weird season, There were two obviously deserving teams who made playoffs in Lone Star Republic and San Antonio Athenians. But in a 8 team conference you should play every team twice in a balanced season. in an unbalanced season you have to play every team at least once and that didn't happen here. Some how we only end up playing Elite once and we won 3-1 easily, CTX Hornets we played 5 of our U17s and beat them 2-0. But we only played them once. We didn't play Alacranes at all who Tied Austin Elite and beat CTX Hornets, So I don't know really what to make of the conference if the difference between us and playoffs is that those teams picked up easy points we didn't get to and they also didnt play the harder teams twice like we did. Wilco FC didn't play Lone Star Republic at all, and WilCo beat us the day after we played Austin Elite when we only had 11 players after injuries. So if we got to play those games and if we had taken just 9 of the possible 12 points from being able to play those teams twice we would finish in 4th and if we took all 12 from all 4 games we didnt get to play we would be sitting in playoffs. So I don't make anything of the conference other than Lone Star and San San Antonio were without question the top teams, Side FC probably deserving of 3rd. That being said as a club it was a good first season;

  • We played every game.

  • We managed to move one player into the Pro's Congratulation Eveljn Frigotto who signed with Serie A side Empoli in Italy.

  • We managed to give 5 player their UWS Debuts in a win that they played most of the game.

  • We partnered with a local all girls club Fierce United and have been doing a lot of mentoring and getting involved with our community after covid kept us indoors.

  • We've brought fresh faces into our staff, Chelsea Palmer (Marketing and Recruiting) from Plano, TX who won 4 national championships in College and was inducted into the Univ. West Florida Hall of Fame, Jessica Davenport (Assistant Ops Manager/Assistant Coach) who played with the England u20s and Liverpool Ladies. Itzayanna Sanchez(Assistant Ops Manager/ Assistant Coach) who played for Club Tijuana in Mexico. Abby Edwards (Athletic Trainer), Markus Muhling (Assistant Coach/ Player Agent) Markus is from Germany and has worked with 1FC Nuremburg, and VFL Wolfsburg and will help link our players to professional opportunities "

Next year I expect us to make playoffs, this year was a bit of a reality check for some players who ignored my warning about getting in the gym. But everything is looking good for the future. Ideally we'll be able to start a reserve team in 2022"

Bat Country FC has finished to UWS season for 2021 but will continue to play in many Tournaments and exhibition matches over the coming year. Please stay tuned for more information.

If you are interested in joining BatCo FC please feel free to message the club in the contact page.

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