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Season Kickoff 2.0

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

FC Batco's inaugural 2020 season, was derailed, like most things, due to Covid-19. The Bats did manage to play 1 friendly match in the summer. Against FC Austin Elite. Now, Coach Tristan begins to prepare for the 2021 Kickoff with a cast of new faces

What to expect from the Bats this season.

After a dreadful 2020 Coach Tristan has managed to keep the Bats alive and relevant on the world of soccer by helping former men's U23 players move onto professional trials around the world.

Coach also has wasted no time in upgrading the women's team with a handful of new players from right here in Austin and around the globe. The team now features several College National Champions as well as National team players from around the world. "The players we've brought in have been brought in to make us stronger as a team. I really wanted to make sure we keep bringing quality athletes and human beings into the club so that training is more competitive and we are constantly pushing each player to be their best while also having good harmony in the team"

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